Personal injury lawyers are attorneys who give legal assistance to someone who has been involved and injured in an accident. They work with unlawful acts when it comes to road accidents whether it be negligence or intentional acts. Their goal is to provide the best legal assistance to clients and work towards getting compensation for accident victims. They are also called accident lawyers.

Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Cases

Most of the time, personal injury involves the negligence of another party. A popular one is vehicular accidents. But other than a car, motorcycle, or other automotive accidents, personal injury lawyers can also work on bike accidents, transportation accidents, pedestrian accidents, and even boating and aviation accidents. They can also deal with cases of space and area liability, which includes negligent security, accidents from slipping or falling, and animal attacks or bites. They can also handle cases about abuse in nursing homes, neglect or abuse, construction accidents, and even medical malpractice.


A personal injury complainant can be merited with compensation for the damages that he or she incurred. This is comprised compensation for medical expenses, losing earning or income or ways to earn, emotional suffering, loss of organization, loss of camaraderie, losing the will to live, mental distress, and suffering.

What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

Personal lawyers’ specific acts will depend on the case they are working on and where they are on the case. Here are some things that they work on:

1. Collecting Evidence

In order to support a complainant’s claim, a personal injury lawyer will collect information to be used as evidence to support his or her client’s claim. This includes gathering data from police reports, witness statements, camera footage, property damage, and photographs. The lawyer can also instruct a photographer to take pictures of the accident. In addition to those, a personal injury lawyer may also collect medical records, reports, and bills, and also employment records to show the extent of damages sustained by the complainant.

2. Claim Investigation

Personal injury lawyers are contingency fee-based. They can only charge after securing a settlement. They fund the case and so they are very selective for potential clients. They thoroughly review and assess the benefits of the case. They will not accept a case if they see that the client will not come out a victor.

3. Insurance Companies Negotiations

Negotiations are almost a standard for personal injury lawyers when it comes to insurance companies. Based on the conditions of the case, they can review the policy and make out the maximum compensation available. The personal injury lawyer can act on his or her client’s behalf on communicating with the insurance company to prevent the client from compromising or imperiling his or her claim by giving a statement.

4. Demanding

Personal injury lawyers can send demand letters to insurance companies after carefully and completely investigating the claim. The letter describes the truths of the accident and the demand for a specific amount of damages the client suffered.

The above are only some of the things a personal injury lawyer can do. Should you need a Pasadena personal injury lawyer, search for one in your area.