If you’re thinking of installing new flooring, you may find it hard to choose which between ceramic tiles and wooden flooring you should getTo make things more difficult, there are ceramic tiles that look like wood available these days. Since the decision is going to be tough, it’s better to delve into the benefits of both flooring types to make the right decision. 

There’s no doubt that wooden floors are among the most beautiful flooring choices, not to mention they’re natural and sustainable too. Right now, you can get wood flooring in different colors. There are also engineered wood that makes wooden flooring a lot affordable than before. Furthermore, wood floors are hardwearing and easy to maintain.  

Advantages of Wood Tiles 

If you must choose between tiles and wood floors, here are some things that wood flooring provides that you may want to take advantage of. If you do think that wood is the better choice, don’t hesitate to contact the experts in wood floor installation San Antonio to help you out.  

  1. Simple installationprocess

Tiles require complex preparation prior to installation. You’ll also need to hire a really skilled professional to get the job done right. If you choose wooden floors instead, you’ll see that it’s easier to install as it requires minimal preparation. Some wood planks come with a groove and tongue system that allows for easy sliding and gluing into place. You won’t need to use other fixatives at all. You may even do the job yourself.   

  1. Warmer on your feet 

Tiles are rather cold on your feet. Wood, on the other hand, is warmer. Even if you don’t have underfloor heating, wood is not as cold as tiles, especially during the winter season. Even so, you may still opt for underfloor heating for both options.  

  1. Very durable

Tiles tend to crack under pressure or give way to the weight of the heavy load. If you drop something on the tiles, they get broken too, especially if you get the cheaper kinds. Wooden floors aren’t anything like it. Wood is very durable, especially the solid wood options. They won’t easily break under heavy weight.  

  1. Highly versatile

Today’s innovative manufacturing techniques give wood a better design and a lot of versatility. It’s possible to install wooden floors can in any part or room of your house. This means that you may even install tiles in the bathroom or kitchen these days.   

  1. Considerably cheaper

When it comes to costs, you might think that the tiles are the winner. But that may not always be the case. It’s true that wood is somehow expensive but if you look for the more affordable wooden flooring options, you might be surprised that it’s cheaper than some types of ceramic tiles. There are different wood floor finishes and styles that would meet your budget requirements. 

Considering all points above, it’s clear to see that wood flooring is a great choice not just over tiles but most other flooring options. If you want to enjoy beauty and functionality at the same time, then wooden flooring is the best choice for you.