If you notice that your foundation is compromised, it’s best to call a professional right away. Foundation is an important component of our house. It basically holds everything together. If it’s beginning to crack, you have to act fast because it’s also putting the entire house in a dangerous level. The kind of foundation repair that your house or structure needs will vary and it depends on the site conditions and the geographic area. In this article, we will show you the kinds of methods or repairs that Conroe foundation repair offers.  

  1. Steel Piers 

When the steel piers foundation repair was introduced, it revolutionized the process of the said repairs. The steel piers actually take less time to complete the repair. The surrounding landscape is also not disturbed unlike the traditional concrete piers. Now, the method becomes more technical to install and also data-driven too.  

       2. Helical Piers 

The helical piers work well for interior slab repairs and exterior foundation repair. This material is both used for repair methods on foundation and for new construction. If you have light-loaded areas like structures with vinyl siding or porch columns, helical piers are great matches for it. In the construction market, helical piers are the most underused yet very versatile.  

       3. Concrete Pier Foundation Repair 

The concrete pier is mostly used in the pre-construction stage of any construction of structures as a poured-in-place concrete. But this material is also versatile because it can be used in repairs too. Before the hydraulic driven steel pier was revolutionized in the field of foundation repair, this method is the most preferred one.  

Doing this method is ideal especially if you prefer a permanent way to repair your foundation. However, the contractors must dig lots of dirt in your yard, and getting a huge drilling rig is difficult and costly. The clean-up would be difficult too because of the dirt you get. We can say that this is the most costly method of foundation repair.    

        4. High-Density Polyurethane Foam 

In this method, the contractors will inject the foam in a checkerboard grid in the affected area’s center. This is called a slab repair but simplified using the polyurethane foam. This foam is now a real marketplace-driven material because of the repair speed it offers at the right price. However if there’s HVAC ducts that run through the floor, you should be careful because the foam might clog them. So before injecting the foam, the contractors will perform plumbing tests to make sure it cannot leak the drain lines.  

        5. Segmented Piers 

Segmented piers foundation repair is a new method in the foundation repair field, because the segmented piers are new materials in the market or industry. They are also price-driven method of foundation repair that you can have at a low price.  

        6. Spot Piers 

Spot piers are hand-dug and shallow method of foundation repair. These shallow holes are then filled with concrete. This material is best used in repairing the foundation of light-loaded area like the porch.